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Discipleship (Part III) – Reflections / Sharing Questions

Jesus and his Disciples on the Sea of Galilee, by Carl Oesterley (1805–1891)

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D1 Discipleship - A Vision of the Discipleship Process [FINAL]
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After initial conversion, a disciple grows and matures in several “stages” or “moments” – initial catechesis, adherence to Christ, ongoing formation, and then missionary initiative, eventually becoming a disciple-maker.

Reflection/Sharing Questions


1. How long ago was your Confirmation? Which “stage(s)” or “moment(s)” of the discipleship process are you currently at now?

2. Are you engaging wholeheartedly in this process of maturing as a disciple? What are some of the distractions in teenage life which interrupt this process?

3. Which “stage(s)” or “moment(s)” do you sense the Lord leading you to begin, to complete, or to repeat? Name one concrete step you will take today in this regard.

Young / Working Adults

Married Couples / Parents

Single / Separated / Divorced / Widowed

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