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Bible (Part III) – Reflections / Sharing Questions

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B1 Bible Final Sharing Questions
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The Bible is God’s love letter to us. What do we do with love letters? We cherish them, keep them close. We take them out and read them again and again and feel edified by the words written done by our loved one. Read this love letter of God and let it fill you with hope and love.

Reflection/Sharing Questions


Before Confirmation, you had support from Catechists in knowing Christ. Now it may seem like you are all on your own journey in life. 1. Have you tried reading the Bible? If yes, how much of it have you read and what was your experience of reading the Bible? If no, what was stopping you?

2. Which is your favourite Bible story or passage? What does it mean to you?

3. What is your plan to engage the Bible more? Which Bible reading plan can you start?

Young Adults

Working Adults

Married Couples


Single / Separated / Divorced / Widowed

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