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A-Z of DiscipleSHIP Formation Program Used Fruitfully in Small Christian Community

Ascribe to the Lord, O families of the peoples, ascribe to the Lord glory and strength!” – Psalm 96:7

We are deeply edified to know and very excited to share that the A-Z of DiscipleSHIP program has been used fruitfully by Amplify Families (“Amp Fam”), a small Christian community who have been meeting together since 2008 as young families.

Here are some memories from one of their recent meetings (as well as quotes from their community members on the impact of the program)!

Shared Fellowship – Both young and old(ish), sharing a laugh.

Shared Prayer (1) - The children from Amp Fam (who were babies / toddlers in 2008) have become old enough to be their next generation worship team / musicians!

Shared Prayer (2) – Praising and worshipping God together at home.

Inviting God into the home through heartfelt communal worship.

Shared Learning – Learning “E” for Eucharist together (using the program and slide deck provided by A-Z of DiscipleSHIP).

One of the leaders of the Amp Fam community, Charles Yee, described the A-Z formation program as:

“A great resource that has helped us to learn, reflect and grow as a community, and individually, in our home-based prayer meetings.”

Rosalind Hong, also a leader of the community, shared her experience of the program:

“It is a practical and useful program which we have used in our small groups. The session provides us with spiritual food for thought while the sharing questions help guide and focus our sharings on practicalities of life with the session’s spiritual learnings.”

We hope and pray that each and every one of us will be inspired by the Holy Spirit of love (which binds everything together in perfect harmony (Col 3:14)) to join, start or restart a small Christian community!

  • For more on the beauty and necessity of small Christian communities, see “K” for Koinonia.

  • For suggestions on how to use the program for yourself or with your small group, see

  • To download the slide decks for each of the A-Z sessions (useful for speakers / cell group leaders), see

The A-Z of DiscipleSHIP Team

Catholic Theology Network

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